Own Your Magic: 6-Month Coaching Program

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered "Is this it?" Have you thought to yourself, "I thought I'd be ______ by now" - happier, in love, rocking the best body of your life, fulfilled, more successful, have children, running your own company - you can insert any desire you wish.  What if I told you could manifest the body, health, spirituality, love, money, and life of your dreams?

We all have a superpower - our own personal brand of magic.  It's called intuition, and we all have the ability to tap into it.  And here is why it's a superpower - when you tap into your intuition and become clear on your soul's desire, anything and everything you've ever dreamed of becomes possible.  When you're clear on your desires, you can manifest them into reality.

Here's the catch - in order for you to manifest your dreams into reality, you have to decide that you can have them. 
Decide that you're sick of the story you've been telling yourself for years:

that other people can live amazing lives, but you can't,

that other people can have fulfilling careers they love, but you can't,

that other people can love and feel confident in their bodies, but you can't

that other people can find true, romantic love, but you can't.

Decide that you're worth it.

Decide that the life you're envisioning is for you.

Decide that you're ready to write a new story.

And then?

Decide that you can have it.

This program is for you if you have ever found yourself feeling stuck, trapped, numb, empty, lost or just plain unfulfilled by the life you've been leading.  Maybe from the outside, it looks okay, you might have all the things the world around you told you would make you happy, and yet….you're not.

You know you're meant for more, that you're capable of more, that the life you've always dreamed of is within your reach (and it truly is) - you just need to learn to tap into your superpower.  Once you know how to do that, everything is possible for you.


In the OYM 6-month program, you will:

  • Discover what's been stopping you from having everything you want in life and release these beliefs - for good.

  • Hone your intuition and tune into it with ease.

  • Uncover your true life's purpose and learn how to step into it boldly.

  • Slay the self-love and acceptance game.

  • Manifest the body, health, spirituality, love, money, and life of your dreams.

  • Live happily ever after with the knowledge that you are a powerful co-creator of a life perfectly suited to you.


What you get in OYM 6-Month Program:

  • "Clarity & Vision" session (60 minutes) - Who are you right now? Whom do you want to be? Get clear, decide, receive - Value $350

  • Three monthly "Superpower Training " sessions (45 minutes - 14 total) - Value $4250

  • Four "Manifest-ease" sessions (45 minutes) - your potential is limitless.  You get to have what you want - you attract it with ease - Value $1800

  • Three "See & Release " sessions (90 minutes) - let's go DEEP, finding limiting beliefs and releasing them with love & gratitude - Value $1600

  • Weekly "Co-Creator" recorded visualizations - tap into your intuition -> align your energy with your desires -> manifest like a queen.

  • Four by-request "Tune In Tune-Ups" (15 minutes) - designed to quickly match your energy to your intention to remove any blocks to your desired outcomes coming to you - Value $650

  • Unlimited weekly email support - Value $1000


Are you ready to create the bad-ass life you know you're meant for?

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