Magic of Intention


Dear Beautiful Humans,

A few weeks ago, I had an idea that lit me up so bright, I knew I had to bring it to life.


I'm not sure if I can fully articulate all of the many ways in which this necklace is so personal and magical to me, but in essence, it's a culmination of everything I wish for it to bring to you, my dears.

Let me try and explain - it's all in the details.

the arrow

An arrow is an object which is always moving forward - it cannot even try to go backward.  Perhaps more importantly, the arrow needs to be pulled back, seemingly further from where it ultimately wants to go, before it can shoot forward, flying freely.

This is my intention for you - always moving forward with the certain knowing that even when you feel you're at your lowest point, you're actually at your point of bursting free into whatever is meant for you.

the rose quartz crystals

Rose quartz is the crystal of unconditional love.  It's used to open the heart to love - self love, romantic love, any love you can think of.  But for me, it's always been about self love.  And if I could choose to do one thing for the rest of my life (which hint, I have and I am), it would be to help open women's hearts to themselves - to connect with their innate sense of knowing, their intuition, their unique superpower.

This is my intention for you - love yourself.  Fully, completely, wildly. And, let others love you and allow yourself to love them in return.

the necklace placement itself

The necklace lays directly on the throat chakra, the place where we speak our authentic truth.  To be open and aligned in this chakra is to speak, listen, and express yourself as you truly are.

This is my intention for you - speak your deepest desires freely, so that together, we can call them forth.

how it works

By making a selection below, you'll receive a 30-minute intention setting session with me.  We'll create a clear vision for whatever you desire to create in your life.

After the session, I will create and record a personalized intention for you and infuse it into one of the rose quartz crystals.  You'll receive this audio recording via email, yours to have always.

Then, I invite you to create an intention for yourself and infuse the remaining crystal with it.

This is where the magic happens.

As a coach, I often tell my clients that I am merely the container for their vision, holding it securely, keeping it safe, until they are able to fully hold it and believe in it themselves.

With this necklace, you now have a tangible, beautiful container to hold your vision for yourself - a daily reminder of what you're now calling in.  So my question for you now is - what do you want?



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